Prayer Chain

One of the most powerful things we can do for one another is to pray. There are always prayers being requested for people who are ill, facing surgery or even those who have died. For those people who are at home or have no computer, please consider joining our Phone Prayer Chain. If you are interested in being a part of the Phone Prayer Chain, please contact Kathy O’Malley at (440-734-4225).

“Stay at Home Tea” Mission Appeal
If you are interested in donating to our Mission Appeal, please call the Parish Office to be put on the mailing list.  Donations benefit The St. Mark Angel Scholarship Fund and the St. Mark Outreach/We Care Fund. Thank you and God Bless you.

Memorial Plaques
are available to purchase.
The cost for a one line, 20 character plaque is $50.
If any questions please contact Karen Cocita at 216-671-3883

Weekly e-mails (E-BLASTS!) are sent every Friday to inform everyone of what is happening at St. Mark Parish. (If you have not received an E-Blast and would like to, please contact the Parish Office (216-226-7577) and give us your current e-mail address.)

Virtus Compliancy
To all Virtus trained adults (parish staff, school volunteers, boy & girl scout leaders, sports coaches and parent volunteers, CLW, teachers: School, PSR, Sunday School, etc.)

The Diocese of Cleveland has made some changes to the Virtus requirements and they are as follows:

  1.  Read and sign the Policy for Protecting God’s Children, 2016 **
  2.  Read and sign the Standards of Conduct, 2016 **
  3.  A new BCI fingerprint check must be done and renewed every 5 years. Check with the Parish Office.
  4. A one-time Orientation session (1 hour training) must be completed which will explain the threats on Social Media, its use, and the governing practices of its potential misuse.  To sign-up go to and register and attend a training session.
  5. Remain current with reading on-line Virtus bulletins
  6. Complete a St. Mark Volunteer Application

St. Mark Volunteer Application

What this means is that to be Virtus compliant and work with children, you MUST complete all of the above requirements. If you have any questions please contact the Parish Office for information.  Thank you in advance for helping to ‘protect our children’.

**These are available on-line at; click on “Child Protection”; Read and sign both documents. (Return forms to Parish Office)

Hospitalized Parishioners
Due to Federal HIPAA laws, hospitals can no longer notify the parish when a parishioner is hospitalized. If you or a family member are hospitalized and want Fr. Adam and St. Mark Parish to know, a family member must call the Parish Office directly at 216-226-7577.

Soldier Prayer Board
Please continue to pray for our soldiers who have returned home. If you know of someone who is currently serving and you would like their picture or name placed on our prayer board please let me know. Please contact me with any changes. Kathy O’Malley

Breaking Open the Word
Praying with Sunday’s Scriptures
Please join us on Sunday mornings, @ 10am in the Community Center.
We will pray with and explore the scriptures proclaimed during each weekend’s liturgy. Come to reflect on God’s word to you and to the Church. There is no need to register and no obligation to attend every week.
If you would like more information, please call Laura Fibbi @

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a ministry to adults who are interested in learning more about the Catholic faith. Our RCIA program addresses the conversion needs of:
* Adults who have never been baptized
* Adults who have been baptized in another Christian tradition
* Adults who were baptized Catholic but have had no instruction in the faith or have not received the Sacraments of First Eucharist and/or Confirmation.

RCIA is about growth in faith and growth in a relationship with God. Please contact Briana David at the Parish Office (216-226-7577), if you would like more information. The RCIA program will begin in the Fall.

Just Faith Update
Just Faith Ministries is a national program that provides both educational and prayer resources for Catholics committed to listening for and responding to Christ’s call to care for the poor and vulnerable.
The members of St. Mark’s Just Faith community meet weekly to learn, discuss and pray about Catholic Social Teachings and have had the opportunity to engage in “border crossings” where they have immersed themselves in the lives and experiences of some of our city’s poor and marginalized. The Just Faith group has visited with inmates at the Cuyahoga County Jail, broken bread with the guests of the Catholic Workers house and listened to the stories of undocumented immigrants.
The Catholic Social Teachings have been called the Catholic Church’s best kept secret. Unfortunately, many people have never had the chance to explore these profound and empowering documents.
Over the next few months we will be posting bulletin announcements about justice teachings and resources to help to familiarize our Parish with the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church. If you have access to the web, I invite you to spend some time with any of the following websites for more information:
If you would like more information about Just Faith, please call Laura Fibbi @

Faith Direct

Several years ago we introduced a new and exciting way for you to support our parish offertory and second collections: Faith Direct. With Faith Direct, you can make regular automatic contributions to St. Mark using your credit/debit card or bank account, the same process that you may use to pay utility bills or make car payments.

Making your donations automatically means relief from the hassle of locating your offertory envelopes as you run out the door on Sunday morning, and guarantees that the church will receive your gifts even if you are unable to attend Mass. There is no fee to you, the parishioner, associated with use of the Faith Direct program. Automatic contributions greatly benefit St. Mark by providing a predictable cash flow as well as decreasing the time and money the Church expends dealing with the envelope system. Faith Direct will provide you with personalized offertory cards that you may place in the basket, and a year end tax statement.

We find Faith Direct a “win-win” for both parishioners and our parish. Please enroll in this program by picking up an enrollment form from the Church Office, or by visiting to enroll securely on line. Our parish code is OH274.

In Christ,
Fr. Adam

Our Lady of Angels Federal Credit Union
As part of the St. Marks Parish Family you are eligible to become a member of Our Lady of Angels Federal Credit Union located at: Linus Hall, 3644 Rocky River Dr., (216)252-0665. The office is open for visitors and calls on Mondays between 6pm and 8pm only. Send email inquiries to Jim Foos at Serving members for over 60 years, we offer 2013-2011 car loan rates as low as 2.24% A.P.R. (up to 60 month term), used car loans are available as low as 3.75% A.P.R. for 2010-2008, 2007-older at a rate as law as 4.50% A.P.R., personal loans, $2,500.00 at 4.00% A.P.R. for 24 months, share-secured loans: 2.50% A.P.R.